Caskets covers

The casket cover drapes over a simple casket and brings both dignity and style to the ceremony. The casket cover tells a story about the life and personality of the deceased. The casket cover can be kept as a memento by the loved ones or become a re-usable tradition. Peaceful can also arrange for recycling of the casket covers at the crematorium if so desired.


The simple and discreet Peaceful urn is made of bio-degradable solid wood and treated with environmentally-friendly water-soluble substances. The urn can be chosen in unicolour or adorned with a beautiful image.


Ecological Peaceful caskets are made from clean-burning untreated pine and other environmentally-friendly and certified materials. The country of manufacture is Estonia.

  • Made of genuine, untreated 100% wood

  • Water-based PVAc dispersion adhesives* and wooden pins or metal fasteners have been used to assemble the casket

  • Pure and natural wood wool (excelsior) is used in the stuffing of the mattress and ecological linen as the mattress covering.

  • Bio-degradable plastic has been used to seal the base, which is harmless to the crematorium staff and the environment.

  • According to the manufacturer's declaration, the adhesive has not been classified as hazardous as per tthe 1999/45 / EC Directive and its amendments.

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